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Katsuobushi - Dried Bonito Flakes

Katsuobushi - Dried Bonito Flakes

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    Packaging Detail: 500 g packaging dimesion : Length : 36 cm ; Width : 24 cm ; Height : 11 cm 1 carton box (5 kgs) : Length : 53 cm; Width : 36.3 cm ; Height : 42.6 cm
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    Katsuobushi made in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.
    made from cakalang fish, have similar taste with Japan's Katsuobushi.

    Welcome our guest,


    We are a company that engage in supplying Katsuobushi, and now our product is distribute to all over Indonesia such as Surabaya, Jakarta, and Bandung.

    Our most customers are a Japanesse food restaurant, such as Takoyaki Ohsama in the Surabaya.

    Our Katsuobushi made in South Sulawesi, Indonesia.

    Our Katsuobushi use fresh cakalang fish as main ingredient.

    Many of our Indonesian customer say that our Katsuobushi have similar taste with the Katsuobushi that originally made in Japan.


    We sell Katsuobushi in the packing form that have weight 500 g / pack.

    for expired date, our Katsuobushi's endurance is about 1 year as long as it store in dry place.


    If you are interested and need further information, don't hesitate to contact me via email anytime, and i will reply the information you that you need.


    We're looking forward for your email, and i hope we can be a partner in the future.




    Edwin Gosal

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